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Life is no longer about individual success, but success as one collective.

About Me

Hey, I'm Amanda. The Photographer. 

It's my job to tell your business story through the images we create together.

I showcase entrepreneurs who evoke a sense of personal freedom and add genuine joy to the world. 

I work with people who have left the humdrum of traditional workplaces to be who their inner child dreamt of being.

Before I became a mother, I worked in the whirlwind realm of television production.


My favourite task on set, was always, taking the press stills.


My first step into photography was with families in the forest. 

Click below to visit my family website:


I believe, life in the 2020's is not so much about the endless quest for material growth. But about navigating how a business or brand can give us the lifestyle we want, optimum health and the time and space to nurture ourselves, our children and relationships. 

I help brands express who they are. From the seeds of start ups in market stalls to businesses blossoming into second and third sites. 

Tell me how I can help your brand be expressed in its most authentic light.
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